Video-Tutorial | Sourdough Bread (ENG) with Jo T. | Incl. Recipe

Dieses Videotutorial ist auf Englisch. Du kannst es ab sofort buchen und direkt abrufen. / This video tutorial is in English. You can book it now and access it directly.

Why is sourdough more digestible than normal yeast bread? What makes the microflora of sourdough? How is sourdough prepared and fed to make delicious bread?

You learn:
  • All about natural sourdough
  • How to make your own sourdough bread
  • Know the differences between different types of flour
We will send you the list of ingredients in advance by email.

Have fun baking sourdough bread!
I'm Jo, I'm a confectioner in Berlin and also workshop host for BakeNight. I love my job and therefore I think it's great that I can share the passion from out of my home with you. I have been baking for 10 years now, and what I love most is to develop my own recipes.
With our BakeNight Online Video-Tutorials we bring our professionals directly to your kitchen! And best of all: You can decide for yourself when and how often you want to bake. The tutorial is available around the clock and you can watch it as often as you like.

Since this workshop is an online video tutorial, you will receive an email with all relevant information and the recipe after you have booked. You will also receive the link to the video tutorial in this e-mail. It's very simple: Follow the instructions in the email - then you're ready for your BakeNight Online Video-Tutorial at your home.
At a Live Online BakeNight you meet with other participants and the confectioner or baker at a certain time in the video live stream. You have chosen the time and the topic in advance when booking. You can interact with the other participants and the workshop host, ask questions and share your baking art with the others.

In a BakeNight Online Video Tutorial we provide you with the workshop as video content. You can watch the BakeNight on a specific topic as often as you like and bake it again. You can also decide when you want to watch the BakeNight video tutorial. Without any time stress and at your own pace.

Das sagen unsere Teilnehmer über ihre BakeNight!

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